About Us

Air Tools and Tyre Products specialize in selling and servicing Pneumatic Power Tools for the benefit of all customers in UK and Europe. Our geographical sales coverage of the UK and European market.

We work closely with our clients to ensure a seamless relationship in the provision of solutions derived from our extensive stocks of Pneumatic Power Tools and associated equipment. All our products are backed by manufacturer’s warranties, full spare parts available.

Our History

“Alliance” house brand established in 1989, which, through continuous backing and support, has become a recognised quality brand in the world.

Our Mission

To provide unmatched service in the supply, support and maintenance of a large range of Pneumatic Power Tools and associated equipment to enable Industrial users to achieve optimum productivity and product quality in their operations

Our Vision

To become the unquestioned source of information and supply for anyone seeking to enhance their productive capabilities using compressed air, and Compressed Air Tools, in any industrial endeavour.

Our Unique Selling Proposition

To make available to prospective customers all the necessary background information to enable them to achieve superior solutions using compressed air and Pneumatic Power Tools.
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